Interview: Miss Melera talks about new DJ collective with Eelke Kleijn and More.

miss melera djPromise, the same company who brings the Sunday night Cherry Beach parties and weekly-winter DJ Skate Nights to Toronto’s Harbourfront, brought us the glittered up fancy dress German Sparkle Party which headlined DJ/Producer Kim de Lange AKA Miss Melera. Before the interview we sat with Miss Melera in a quieter room at the Atlantis Pavilion in Toronto. We peered down at the hundreds of people from different age groups and cultural backgrounds, all decked out in sparkly costume lined up along the skywalk, in time to catch the beginning of Miss Melera’s set.


Miss Melera is a Haarlem-born now Amsterdam based DJ who is starting to get recognized on an international scale. With massive support from Eelke Kleijn, Miss Melera is leaving an impression around the world at an exponential rate. Her DJ sets are becoming more prevalent within the dance music scene, having already played at large-scale festivals like Ultra Miami, at commendable venues like  KaterHolzing, one of Berlin’s Best (R.I.P.), and is headed to Brazil’s world-renound and DJ-favourite, Warung Beach Club in January 2015.

Thank you for talking to bookedupbeats, we are especially excited to catch up with you since you’re our first interview with a female DJ. We’ll start out by asking, how long have you been DJing for?

I started 12 years ago, I bought my turn tables and it was just for fun, not with the idea that I wanted to be a DJ. Long story short I just collected the vinyl’s I really loved and later on it just grew into how it is now. Of course I studied in University and had a job…

What were you studying?

First, interior design and later I studied fashion at the Art Academy but I graduated in photography. Then I had a stupid job two to three times a week that I could just close the door to and go home and spend all my time doing music. Two and a half years ago I quit that job.

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Becoming a full time DJ/Producer two and a half years ago is pretty recent but the timeline makes sense, having released only two EPs so far, Stare/Stunning EP on Parquet and Faith EP on Einmusika it seems as if music production is only a recent endeavour? 

Yeah I tried producing before but it was so difficult and takes a lot of time. My studies were also difficult… it’s creative so you can do more more more and never close it. I’m proud that I have my paper and everything is done and i’ve finished it but sometimes I find it really really stupid that I made the decision not to start producing earlier.

Let’s talk about your monthly radio series, Colourizon, where is it based out of?

Proton Radio is an online radio station in the USA. I did some guest mixes a couple years back and then about two years ago they asked me if I wanted to host my own monthly radio show. Now we are broadcasting in different countries, like Belgium, Brazil and South Africa. Number 27 for Colourizon is coming up already! Proton always premiers it first and a week later I put it on my SoundCloud.

There is a different dimension to DJing for a radioshow compared to a set for the dancefloor, how has the Colourizon series helped you grow musically as an artist?

I really love to do this because I have a lot of music and I buy everything I like so there is a lot that I can’t play at events because now I usually play in the middle or closing spots. With Colourizon I can do what I want and show people what I like but also what they won’t hear at events. It is radio based, it’s more chill.

Does Colourizon showcase a more experimental side in track selection?

Not really experimental… it is just for everybody I think… in the car, when you’re doing homework or whatever. My cousin who is 13 years old likes it, but also my parents who are 60 years old like it. A lot of people like it and it’s not too heavy or difficult to listen to.

In terms of your musical tastes, the Miss Melera website has a page with your top 10 tracks of the month. What are the top two you are excited to play out in Toronto tonight?

That’s a good question because there are so many. “Rollox” by Adriatique, do you know it? I will play it tonight for sure, it’s maybe a little too heavy for Coulourizon but it’s nice I can play it now. The other one is “Haunted Girl Canyon” from Henry Saiz but an Eelke Kleijn remix that is out now— It’s my favorite I’ve played it already a lot of times and I love it… but that’s always with Eelke he makes bombs!

You and Eelke Kleijn obviously have a strong working relationship, this past summer he brought you to Toronto for the first time and the event is what placed you on the bookedupbeats radar. You’ve also toured and played five hour B2B sets and spend a lot of time int he studio together. Were you always friends or when did he become such a mentoring figure to you?

I knew him by name but we are the same age and I’ve been in Amsterdam now for three and a half years. We built something special, a friendship, and we just started a new DJ collective in Amsterdam with Olivier Weiter and Arjuna Schiks called Before.Now.After. Our first event is on January 1st but it’s not only about throwing events it’s about making music and it’s about our friendship, that’s the strongest thing that brings us together. It’s so much fun it’s really not normal to see us together we’re only laughing it’s good times. But also sharing, helping, caring— I think that’s really nice because other labels, they have a label manager who picks DJs and they are running it like they are a family but they are not. We really don’t have that, we are friends and that’s the strongest thing in this collective. We would love to go all over the world together rather than having to do it alone because it’s really boring to fly and sit alone in your hotel room. How cool is it to do it with four! I can’t wait to do it really.
You said you studied fashion in university, if we were to find you on the streets of Amsterdam what designers would you be wearing?

I’m always in love with Maison Scotch, I have lots of shirts and pants from them. G star of course I find it raw and love it but don’t have that much from them. I really like the style it’s minimalistic not too much and just a lot of detail.

If you had the superpower to time travel back to an era and DJ, which would it be?

roxy amsterdamI would definitely go back to the RoXY time in Amsterdam, there was a club called the Roxy. Otherwise the hippie or flower power time in the 70s or 80s, but Roxy was a house to all artists. I can’t describe it was really good, you have to see it’s so nice. Just the beginning of it and all legends that have all played there, I always wish I was there it was really extravagant and cool.



Hear Miss Melera’s four hour B2B boat party set with Eelke Kleijn from her first visit to Toronto last summer and stay up to date on the latest podcasts from the Before.Now.After collective.

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