Interview: Sonny Fodera talks ‘Deep, Down & Defected Vol. 6’ plus exclusive mix.

I was fortunate enough to meet Sonny Fodera this past July when he dropped a set in Toronto. In the short time that’s passed since our first meet, Sonny’s career has been blazing forward with impressive momentum. He recently released the sixth installment of Deep, Down and Defected, an ongoing compilation series from the London based house music imprint, Defected RecordsYou can purchase the release here.

deepdown“To have the chance to remix and include so many classic tracks was really special for me. I remember I was sending demos to Defected around five years ago, and to be doing a compilation for them is truly special; a dream come true.”

Not an easy task, standing out within the musical abundance spilling from the modern digital era. It’s no coincidence that the semi-recent move from his Adelaide hometown to the musically prosperous London has brought about serious opportunity for his career.

“Adelaide definitely has stuff going on but not like the UK or Ibiza. I did two seasons in Ibiza that definitely changed my musical style and views on the dance music scene.  Also traveling around the world has hooked me up with so many talented artists and has led to a lot of collaborations.”

Defected Records, a now 15 year old imprint, has been at the forefront in providing all things house with some of the heaviest hitters and most notorious parties to date.

“I have been working closely with Defected for the last year, playing a lot of their parties, releasing on Defected and their sister label DFTD. I was in the office one day talking with label boss Simon Dunmore and he suggested that I do the compilation. I have always been a fan of the Deep, Down & Defected compilations and got onto it straight away. With the remixes, it took about four months to compile.”

“The format for the compilation was to deliver two, one hour mixes. Mix 1 is definitely more of a party vibe, something you would put on with a few people around, about to head out, or working out at the gym. Mix 2 is more laid back Sunday afternoon kind of thing with tracks like Lovebirds “Want You in My Soul” and Studio Apartment – “Sun is Shining” MK remix.”

The 30 tracks that make up Deep, Down and Defected Vol. 6 reflect a Defected perspective of house music with a Sonny Fodera flavour. Painting a landscape that shows the immortality of house music, Sonny includes six of his own remixes of classic tracks that draw from the anthems of yesterday while being reworked into the music of today.

“Straight away I was asking Defected to hit me up with accapellas. I really wanted to have my own take on a lot of the Defected classics like MK’s “Burning”, Kings of Tomorrow “Finally” and Johnny Corporate “Sunday Shouting”, to give the compilation my own feel.”

Tracks from house music pioneers like Dennis Ferrer are also curated into the compilation, and woven with recent releases from Shadow Child, Maya Jane Coles, and Maceo Plex to name a few.

“I wanted to include a lot of tracks and mixes that have really been working for me over the last year, like Maceo Plex’s ‘Under the Sheets’ and Patrick Topping’s Forget’.”

The one original Sonny Fodera release on the Defected compilation is “Let’s Go”, a collaborative track with Cervendos. It brings boisterous basslines through its dancefloor forward vibe. Deep, Down and Defected showcases Sonny’s immense production talent and driven work ethic. The impressive number of his own remixes included in the compilation is just a tease of what’s coming up for the producer.

“There are a lot of exciting projects on the way, new tracks with Bontan, MK and Secondcity to name a few. You meet all types of producers and DJs along the way. I never thought a year ago I would be working in the studio with guys like MK, but I guess it just happens. I am always looking for techniques, doing lots of research into new synthesizers, plugins, really “getting my geek on”. My sound has definitely changed a lot, but in saying that I have always wanted to do a downtempo album so let’s see where I go in the next few years.”

Only one day after the Defected compilation release, DFTD has already posted Sonny’s forthcoming EP, Beats & Business (out September 14, 2014). Sonny Fodera is an unstoppable force banging out quality tracks at an impressive pace.

When you throw catching planes to play DJ sets worldwide into the mix, we wonder if Sonny is hiding a supernatural ability to pause time.  Having already left memorable impressions on the dance floors of DC-10, Ushuaia and Ministry of Sound, and taken North American cities by storm, we were curious to know what were some of his favorite cities to play:

“Ibiza is always awesome, but London is now becoming a contender. Living here and going out to some of the parties, the music scene and the artists that come through here are amazing, really inspiring! I also love places like Toronto, New York, LA, Melbourne. 

I am really looking forward to playing Brazil at Warung beach club next month, a lot of people really rave about it. I can’t wait to check it out. Also looking forward to playing in Croatia at Carpe Diem this week and heading back to Australia in September for my tour to catch up with family and friends.”

To all our friends around the world who aren’t able to catch Sonny in the upcoming months, here is a mybeatFix one hour exclusive from his set at Ministry of Sound last weekend. Shake a leg!

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