Interview: Dyed Soundorom talks time travel, beautiful ladies, and Apollonia’s debut LP.

10457432_804152396271098_6497965064243853077_oDyed Soundorom is Paris born now Berlin-based DJ & Producer who spends much of his summer on the island of Ibiza DJing his now four year residency at DC-10.

Throughout this year’s season, Dyed and his Apollonia allies Dan Ghenacia and Shonky are rotating appearances for the scheduled ten gigs at DC-10. The triad opened the Ibiza season this year at Amnesia playing a four hour Terrace set and are playing together twice this summer at Richie Hawtin’s Enter.experience.

We had the chance to talk with Dyed on The Burroughes rooftop in Toronto after his set at the Summer Daze party last Sunday, June 22nd.

How was your experience in Toronto headlining the Summer Daze party?

I had an amazing time as soon as I arrived. The sound system was great, everyone was so friendly; it might be weird to say now but I had such a good time it felt like I had been here before, I felt like I knew everybody already… the people who are behind the organization are super sweet everybody was into it. I really enjoyed it!

You’ve mentioned the style of music you play is groovy beats for the girls on the dancefloor.

When I play it’s not that I like to see only girls, it’s just that if I don’t see the girls on the dancefloor it means the music is not right. I don’t want to see only dudes singing or screaming, it makes me feel like I am in a stadium. So yes, I like to see girls on the dancefloor because they bring the groove, the smile, the sunshine, the sexiness.

You come from a hip-hop background, but if you could time travel and DJ in a different era, which would it be?


I wish I could be a DJ in the early 80’s… well I don’t know when paradise garage started but I wish I was there at that time to see guys like Larry Levan play. Everything comes from those guys so that is the time I wish I could play but I wasn’t born. I’ve seen some videos and got a chance to get some old mixes from those guys but I have never had the chance to experience those parties.



You’ve previously described the aura of Apollonia as “white soul meets black music.”What does that really mean?


Well, in our group there are two white guys, and the black guy. We chose the name Apollonia because we are a huge fan of Prince and Apollonia used to be the girlfriend of Prince in the movie Purple Rain.The idea of Apollonia comes from this girl; she was a beautiful girl, she is still but she is a bit older now. When we say white soul and black music it’s a bit of our definition because we are fans of Prince. Don’t get me wrong, in the music we do we are not trying to sound like Prince, it is not about the music, it is more about the concept. Prince was like the in-between of rock music and soul music and I think we [Apollonia] found each other in this kind of concept.

What is the synergy like between you, Dan, and Shonky in the studio, that’s a lot of creative mind flow and opinion, collaborating in one space.

I can’t explain, I don’t know if the reason is because we are friends for 15 years but we never had any fights everything goes really smooth. The cool thing about working together is when I work on my own and I’m starting to work on an idea, sometimes I can spend a day on it and I don’t know if I am doing it right or not. When there are three people, one will bring an idea and the other one will say “yeah it’s cool” but the third will say no guys… not the right direction, and so we switch right away. And it works really well… so far I am happy with the project.

The three of you have individually released tracks and mutually remixed each others productions under your Apollonia imprint, but can we expect the release of an Apollonia album with all tracks produced by the three of you together?

Actually, last year after the season in Ibiza we went back to Berlin and we worked together at Shonky’s studio and we finished an album. We worked from October until the end of April.

The album is done and is coming out in October on Apollonia. It’s our first album; we produced fourteen tracks but will probably put out 10 or 11.

All the tracks are playable, we are not musicians and don’t play instruments, I can use synths and drum machines but I can’t play piano or anything like that. The album is not one with down tempo tracks it’s an album for DJ tracks. It’s not hard music and is something you can listen at home too but DJs can play all the tracks.

When you listen to it, you tell me if you like it.

Check out the Summerdaze recap video courtesy of our friends over at Zedped. The summer party series took place biweekly, showcasing international artists like Waifs & Strays, Nick Curly, Apollonia, and many more.

Paradise Garage photo courtesy of Paul McKee


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